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Studying Physics


The PMB campus of the school offers programmes in both physics and computational physics, and is the only place in the country where one can obtain a degree in computational physics.

Entrance Requirements

One must be admitted into the M-stream in the faculty of Science and agriculture which requires 30 NSC points and at least 60% (level 5) in Mathematics and at least 50% in Physical Science or Life Science or Agricultural Science.

If you hold the old matriculation certificate you need 34 matric points and at least a HG D or SG A in Mathematics and at least HG E or SG B in Physical Science or Biology or Agricultural Science. Those who do not meet these requirements may gain entrance via the Science access programme.


One can take any courses in Physics and Computational Physics as part of a general BSc Degree provided you have the required prerequisites. For first year students you can do a BSc majoring in Physics. Please note that the named programme programme BSc(Computational Physics) is being phased out, and is not open to first year students.


We also offer the following postgraduate degrees in physics BSc(Honours), MSc and PhD

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