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Group 2012


From left to right: Dr. Kostyantin Zloschastiev (Postdoctoral Reseacher), Geoffrey Beck (Masters Student), Dr. A. Sergi,
Nkosinathi Dlamini (Masters Student), Sashwin Sewran (Masters Student), and Emmanuel Obaga (PhD Student).
Daniel Uken (PhD Student) and Jared Peacock (Masters Student) are not in the picture.

Group 2011


From left to right: (first line) Emmanuel Obaga (Masters Student), Mireille Megnidio-Tchoukouegno (Masters Student),
Nkosinathi Dlamini (Masters Student), Sashwin Sewran (Honours Student)
(second line) Geoffrey Beck (Masters Student), Daniel Uken (PhD Student), A. Sergi,
(back line) Jared Peacock (Masters Student).

The first Masters Student in the Group, February 2011


Daniel Uken with thesis (and supervisor).

Honours and Masters Students December 2010


From left to right: Daniel Uken (Masters Student), Nkosinathi Dlamini (Honours Student),
and Emmanuel Obaga (Masters Student); A. Sergi (standing).
Mireille Magnidio (Masters Student) is not in the picture.

Honours and Masters Students December 2009


From left to right: (Standing) A. Sergi, Kathu Madzivhandila, Daniel Uken, (sit) Sampie Mathebe, and Mireille Magnidio.

Kathu Madzivhandila
Computational Project
Numerical Integration of the Population Dynamics of the Spin-Boson Model

Sampie Matheb
Computational Project
Numerical Study of Coherence in the Spin-Boson Model

Honours Students 2009

Group Sergi.jpg

From left to right: Daniel Uken, A. Sergi, and Emmanuel Obaga.

Emmanuel Obaga
Computational Project
Measure preserving algorithms for non-Hamiltonian phase space flows
Theoretical Project
Phase Space formulation of Hamiltonian and non-Hamiltonian Statistical Mechanics.

Jared Peacock
Computational Project
Algorithms for the quantum dynamics
of a spin strongly coupled to a field mode
Theoretical Project
Cavity and Circuit Quantum ElectroDynamics

Daniel Uken
Computational Project
Coherent dynamics of the spin-boson model in various bosonic environments
Theoretical Project
Formulation of Quantum Mechanics in the Partial Wigner Approach

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