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Research Interests

Theory and Computer Simulation of simple/complex fluids.

Theory and Computer Simulation of inhomogeneous simple/complex fluids.

Theory and Computer Simulation of fluids in random pores.

Research Projects

  • Structural properties and phase diagram of globular protein solutions
  • Effective interactions in globular protein solutions
  • Critical behaviour of binary fluid mixtures in random pores
  • Adsorption of fluids in confined environments

Protein contact.jpg Protein separation.jpg

Hydrophobic contacts between two lysozyme molecules (left) and protein rich - protein poor phase separation (right)

Research Group 2013

From left to right: Mr Berhanu Aragie (PhD candidate), Mrs Mireille Megnidio (PhD candidate), Dr Miguel Cavero (Post-doctoral fellow), Dr Giuseppe Pellicane (Group leader), Mr Owen Pandaram (MSc candidate), Mr Mdumisemi Nxumalo (Honours student).

Selected Publications

  • C. Caccamo and G. Pellicane

“RY theory investigation of phase separation in binary hard sphere mixtures”

Physica A 235, 149 (1997).

  • C. Caccamo and G. Pellicane

“Microscopic theories of model macromolecular fluids and fullerenes: the role of thermodynamic consistency”

Journal of Chemical Physics 117, 5072 (2002).

  • G. Malescio and G. Pellicane

“Stripe phases from isotropic repulsive interactions”

Nature Materials 2, 97 February 2003.

  • G. Pellicane, D. Costa and C. Caccamo

“Theory and simulation of phase coexistence in short-range models of globular protein solutions”

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 16, S4923 (2004).

  • G. Pellicane and L.L. Lee

“Phase separation of model adsorbates in random matrices ”

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9, 1064 (2007).

  • P.G. De Sanctis-Lucentini and G. Pellicane

“Critical behavior of symmetrical fluid mixtures in random pores ”

Physical Review Letters 101, 246101 (2008).

  • G. Pellicane, G.R. Smith and L. Sarkisov

“Molecular dynamics characterization of protein crystal contacts in aqueous solutions”

Physical Review Letters 101, 248102 (2008).

  • L.L. Lee, G. Pellicane and W. Chapman

“A star-function based density functional theory using the local density approach”

Journal of Supercritical Fluids 55, 524 (2010).

Activity as a Referee for international journals

  • 2011 – present Molecular Physics (Taylor & Francis)
  • 2009 – present Physical Review Letters (American Physical Society)
  • 2008 – present Soft Matter (Royal Society of Chemistry)
  • 2007 – present Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (Royal Society of Chemistry)
  • 2006 – present Journal of Physical Chemistry B (American Chemical Society)
  • 2009 – present Journal of Chemical Physics (American Institute of Physics)
  • 2007 – present Physical Review E (American Physical Society)
  • 2008 – present Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (Institute of Physics)
  • 2009 – present European Journal of Physics (Institute of Physics)
  • 2010 – present New Journal of Chemistry (Royal Society of Chemistry)
  • 2009 – present Crystal Growth and Design (American Chemical Society)
  • 2005 Thermochimica Acta (Elsevier)
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