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Physics Major

In order do a BSc Majoring in Physics you must take

1st year

Semester 1 PHYS110 (16C) MATH130 (16C) (16C) elective (16C) elective
Semester 2 PHYS120 (16C) MATH140(16C) (16C) elective (16C) elective

2nd year

Semester 1 PHYS211(16C) MATH212(16C) elective (16C) elective recommend PHYS231 (16C) elective
Semester 2 PHYS212(16C) MATH251(16C) (16C) elective (16C) elective

3rd Year

Semester 1 PHYS306(16C) PHYS351(16C) (16C) elective (16C) elective
Semester 2 PHYS305(16C) PHYS352(16C) (16C) elective (16C) elective

Note that you need to choose your electives appropriately 1st and 2nd year so you have the required prerequisites for all the modules you have chosen. These electives can also include modules from the Computational Physics programme.

See here for the requirements for BSc(Computational Physics)

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